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Townhomes are never the same again with the introduction of SPACE. This centrally located property
by AEH Development comprises functionality-oriented townhomes that offer you the practical value of a condo -minium as well as the treasured privacy of a detached house.
All seven unit types have been designed from the ground up to meet the need of modern families. Each has a front width of 5.5, 6.0 or 7.5 meters plus enriched personalilty with the use of individual Facade that differentiates a unit from the next.
Once you step inside, SPACE continues to give you the freedom from constraint with especially high ceiling, a mezzanine level not commonly found elsewhere and a dedicated kitchen for serious cooking. The Roof Deck, available in some unit types, lends itself as amost appropriate venue for small parties with close friends or
those leisurly momentes by the Dip pool with your loved one and aglass of wine.
The 94 units of SPACE are cleverly laid out along the walls of the compound. With 9-meter-wide road in front of tho units plus the cleverly landscaped park in the middle, you can be assured of the optimal seclusion from the units directly opposite your, as well as the possibility to enjoy your day out in the sun with your familiy wnenever you wish to.
Recharge in the comfort of the spacious Master Bedroom, And once you are read for the day, the recreational space of the family Room on the second floor and the Multipurpose Area on the mezzanine levelare always there for your private use.
Innovative, Quality Materials
AEH Development very well appreciates that Quality residential products can be realized only with the use of the best of the construction materials both inside and outside of the units.
Some of the more innovative features which can be found at SPACE are listed below:
  • Double wall to eliminate the issue of disturbing noises from adjacent units
  • Tasteful Engineering Floor made of real teak
  • Green Tinted Glass for overall lower temperature inside of the unit
  • Air Detoxifying paint on interior walls
  • Underground water tank for more usable space in the backyard